Peixuan Qiu / MAOYI

(b, 1993, CN)
Rotterdam, NL

Originally from China and currently residing in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I explore concepts of body sovereignty, visibility, and well-being in the digital realm as an artist and researcher. These concepts have been deeply influenced by my own experiences working with queer feminist organization, and alternative space-making in mainland China and later in Europe which draw my attention to activist fatigue and trauma, specifically in relation to the complex interplay between the body, technology, and state control.

My artistic practice predominantly revolves around sound, video, installation, and performance, to unravel intricate connections between the body, somatic activism, and technology. My work serves as a form of expression, healing, and advocacy, as I strive to create spaces for dialogue, reflection, and transformative experiences.

I obtained a Master in Art Praxis from the Dutch Art Institute in 2022, and currently am part of the BAK Cell, Utrecht, in the Fellowship for Situated Practice 2023-2024. I am also a founding member of the queer feminist collective Q-Space in Beijing (established in 2016), a collective that I am still a key part of. In 2022, I became a member of Soupspoon collective based in Rotterdam, Soupspoon consists of Pitchaya Ngamcharoen, Raffia Li, Maoyi Qiu, Miyoung Chang, and Dakota Guo, attempts to cultivate a common, Asian contextualized space for the particularities that elude translation, [and] it aims to convene a generative forum of “minor gestures” and “micro politics.” .


2024 Arpil
CBK Fund - practical contribution, Rotterdam, NL

April 19-21
Group exhibition, South Explorer, Rotterdam.

2024 March
’So Happy Together’ Sympa-Symposium, Roodkapje, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2024 January 14th
‘Toxic Inheritance’. WET, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Sound design for Clementine Edwards.

2023 October -2024 June BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice.
At BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Q-space, Beijing China.
2022-2023 “Stegano*saurus” In collaboration with Trude Sandberg, Hwayoung, Zoe Shen.


2023 October 28th
‘Paranoiaaa’. Paviljoen an het Water.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2023 October
Shaking Shame, Frascati theater, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sound design.

2023 October 6th
Pollination / Pollution, Subcultcha Sprout Issue 14 release, at Perdu theater, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sound design for Clementine Edwards.

2023 September 28th, ‘So Happy Together’.
At Roodkapje, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2023 September 2nd-3rd
‘As if You Could Kill Time Without Injuring Eternity’, Soupspoon 24h marathon.
At Rib, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2023 July 24th -August 12th.
Color Block (Ten) artist residency Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Germancy.

2023 July-August.
Rib residency, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2023 July 14-16th
Non-Native Native Fair.
At Framer Framed, Amsterdam.

2023 June 8th
OT301, Outline Expo,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Group.

2023 April 21-23 ‘conditioned listening’. South Explorer, Available & the Rat, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2023 February
at Studio Plesungan.
Solo, Java, Indonesia.

2023 February 9th
‘The Good Falling’, Het Wilde Weten.
Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2023  January 27th  - February 5th
CTM Festival, MusicMakers Hacklab. Berlin, Germany.

2023 January 14th-17th.
Exhibition “I happen to do this for you”  
Frascati Theater. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sound design.

2023 January
Disappointment Letter.
Girls Like Us.

2021-2023 “Queer Shape”
KLAUW collective and Leeron Tur-Kaspa, Rotterdam.


2022 December. Errotic Orbits Vol.2
With Derek Di Fabio, Azul De Monte, Raffia Li, Ioana Lupascu.
At KioskRotterdam, Rotterdam.

2022 September - December
SOUPSPOON collective. Residency at Goethe Institute, Rotterdam.

2022 November
“VV” In the Track of “Welcome to our Guesthouse”
Sound design for performance by Melyn Chow, Jinghong Wang.  
At Theater Rotterdam. The Netherlands.

2022 September. Cinema Asia,
penal talk, Pride hotel. Amsterdam.

2022 August. “Fruiting bodies” Interactive sound installation
“Don’t forget that gut feeling” group presentation.
At BACO(Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna), Orto botanical, Bergamo, Italy.

2022 July.
“Thresholding: to the limit of an arrival”, in the frame of “Aeroponic Act” of Dutch Art Institute
Video installation and performance.
At Centrale Fies, Dro, Italy.

2022 June. “under_score #1”,
Video work. Performing Art Forum(PAF), St. Erme, France.

2022 April.
“Symphony of Intimacies”
in the frame of „SENSE – Geographies of Perception“.
At Radial System, Berlin, Germany.

2022 April. Queering Female Gaze,
Espace Diversités Laïcité,Toulouse, France.

2022 January - April. “Seasonal Neighbours, Our Invisible Hands”
Seeds on the table, I am looking at her looking at them looking at me. Group exhibition.
Sound composition,  in collaboration with Ioana lupascu.
At Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Design & Architecture, Hasselt, Belgium.


2021 November
“Symphony of Intimacies”
At DAAD Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2021 “For Tear & Tears”
Chusma calendar, CHUSMA 2.0, A Coalition of Gossip, Dutch Art Institute.

2021 Subtropical Asia
Guest writer

Droom en Daad.
with Leeron Tur-Kaspa,  Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Sedje hémon scholarship
Artez university, Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Holland scholarship
Artez university, Arnhem, the Netherlands.


2020 September. “Queering safer space - hacking public sensibility, vulnerability and creativity”.
Lecture performance.
At Independent Art Space Festivel(IAS), Beijing, China.

2019 September. “Misplacement Display”
At Independent Art Space Festival(IAS), Beijing, China.

2019 DADDY Magazine
Guest writer

2019 “Queer Tale”
Q-space, Beijing

2019 September. Gender Studies Conference on Violence.
Co-presenter, reating alternative practices through queer feminist collaborative approaches, University of Helsinki

2019 June. Queering Memory,
Video work presenter, International Queer archive conference ALMS, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

2018 August. In|visible: Alternative White Cubes, Panel talk, UCCA, Beijing

2018 August. “Enter Solo/Group”
At Institute For Provocation, Beijing, China.

2017 November. Q-space showcase
Presenter, World Culture Open, South Korea