Q-Space is a Beijing based independent space(2016-2020) and an online collective(2020-now), consists core members: Maoyi(Peixuan Qiu),  Zoe Shen, Trude Sundberg, Jiayue Ren. Q-space organizes and advocates various kinds of activities, including public events, workshops, community building, research projects, publications, etc. on the basis of considering the dynamics of the relationship of queer practice with technological and state control.

It is a transfeminist space, a commune and serve as a reprieve from the oppressive nature of mainstream environments. It is a space for collaborative work, sharing of resources and “doing queer”. We re-think notions of hospitality and care and provide space and tools for self-em- powerment. Q-space focuses on identities, bodies, and well-being, while seeking alternative forms of collective and individual agency, ne- gotiating the relationships between temporality and sustainability. In this supportive “safe space” everyone operates across identities, classes, nationalities and disciplines, using art as a creative communicating tool.

Through a wide network of activists, artists, researchers and makers in China and beyond, Q-space is an organism that emphasizes a queer fu- ture. Over the past four years, this space has grown to be an interactive forum and space of convergence.