Queer shape

2016-2019 Beijing, China
2021-2022 Rotterdam, NL
Queer shape is a collective queer body archival project. It challenges, breaks down and creates new ways of seeing, living and making queer bodies and ex- pressing them through voice, writing, drawing and digital expressions. Materials are taken from a series of life drawing sessions and writing workshops through collecting, translating, digitizing into pieces of drawings, texts and videos.

Queer Shape starts with a group of activists, artists and expressers who are taking the discussion of queer body - their body, gender, sexualities and desire
- a step further, beyond mere discussions, into an act of performing queerness, image making and writing. Life drawing, the first tool used in the project, has a long history and through it we translate the idea and concept into posts, ways
of dressing and body interacting, to unpack, reclaim and recreate, share and reshape new futures, new desires, new ways of seeing each other through the queer gaze, of living gender and being sexual beings. The next step reframes these stories through the agency of writing, opening up a stage to write the images from the viewpoint of a queer lens, reflecting each unique individual’s ex- perience and history.

This project was presented as a video, and a zine at World Culture open 2017, Queering Memory ALMS conference 2019.