2022 Project Stegano*saurus

with Amy Wu(Rotterdam), Eliane Ho(HK), Trude Sandberg(London), Q-space(Beijing)
Project Stegosaurus is a long term research initiated by Maoyi, under the facilitation of Q-space collective, which invited artist, researcher and game designers to develope this project.

It is a  social investigative project that aiming to develop a se- ries game desing and tools for safe communication under censorship system in China. We implemented stegnography-the art of comunication hide in plain sight, as the central methodology to design and create communication methods that doesn’t necces- sarily require advanced technologies.

The project comes out of necessity of protection for safe communication within activist community and general public, and the potentiality of tools for advo- cacy work in the highly censored digital environment.

This project started in April, 2022, consist a group
of artists, socialigist, game designer, and activists, through collective research methodology to work towards to the actual implemention stegno communication tactics.