Symphony Of Intimacies

DAAD Gallery 2021 November
Berlin, Germany

Radial system, 2022 April
Berlin, Germany

Nguyễn + Transitory
in the frame of „SENSE – Geographies of Perception“

In the programme series "SENSE", Radialsystem explores power relations within a geography
of perception. Employing the perspectives of choreography, visual arts, music and workshop
formats, "SENSE" investigates an embodied practice of sensory perception in four programme
foci until summer 2022. The double meaning contained in the title of the series - "sense"
denotes both sensation and sentiment - invokes and challenges the distinction between
thinking and feeling - or theory and practice - common in the Western Enlightenment tradition
of knowledge.

“Symphony Of Intimacies” is part of a perpetual work-in-progress which start- ed in early 2018 with the piece “Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing”. For their presentation at Radial- system in April, the duo have invited five performers that navigates between interdependency, vulnerability, closeness, disorientation and trust. These themes will be explored as forms of collective re- sistance.

The piece is built around a site-specific, structure-sensitive, touch-based sonic architectural interface made especially for multiple performers
by Nguyễn + Transitory. Maoyi, Kamila Metwaly, Andrés Pinto Álvaro, Mieko Suzuki and Monica Vanesa Tedja collectively transform sounds through touch, attempting to fuse the body with the instru- ment being played. The body not only touches the instrument, but becomes a conductor as well, gen- erating a composition live and in real time and con- ducting the fluctuating electrical currents that are transmitted into a modular synthesizer.

This dynamic diffuses classical relationships, roles and hierarchies often present among director-com- poser-performer constellations and creates a sit- uation that allows the complexities of collective agency to unfold. In this piece, touch becomes an
essential tool of communication, a carrier and receiver of sound, and a tool through which agencies are renegotiated and the collective is sustained.

Artistic Direction, Music Composition,
Choreography and Concept

Nguyễn + Transitory

Performance and Choreography
Kamila Metwaly
Andrés Pinto Álvaro
Mieko Suzuki
Monica Vanesa Tedja

Stage Design and Costume
Lina Oanh Nguyễn

Light Design
Sanja Gergoric

Light Assistant
Ivan Bartsch

Cinematography and Cut
Asarela Orchidia Dewi

Stage Design Assistence
Seongji Jang

Production Management
Onur Agbaba
Chyai Ji

images and footages © Asarela Orchidia Dewi