The Good Falling

Het Wilde Weten
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Concept, Director: Izaro Ieregi
Performance: Maoyi Qiu, Rhode Nadine, Raffia Li, Virginia Vivaldi, Izaro Ieregi
Camera: Gabi Dao
Sound design, Editing: Maoyi Qiu

Currently we find ourselves with
a limited physicality, where the daily choreography of our lives
is even more limited, if possible. Throught this work, we investigate the drags that the current state of imminent world collapse is living in our bodies, through the sessions of workshop, we activate our bodies through somatic techniques, writ- ings, the film oscilates between the biographical and fictional, where the performers completed a half scripted half improvised onetake film shot, to talk about the fragility of day to day vulnerabilitym anxiety and how capable we are as our bod- ies present in space.

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